CloudBio Features

Highly secure cloud-based platform

With CloudBio, your data is stored on highly secure, HIPPA compliant Amazon servers in the ‘cloud’. We store your data on servers managed by Amazon, which are much more secure than your desktop, laptop or even the servers in your institution. No more worries about losing or misplacing your data; they are securely stored on our servers and readily available to you and your collaborators anytime anywhere.

Besides providing security, cloud-based software enables you to access your data anytime anywhere with just a browser. Whether you are in your lab, home or away at a conference, you can login with your e-mail address and password to access all your experiments. No more wasted time copying and e-mailing data files or figuring out where your data is stored. With CloudBio, you can spend your valuable time on your research and not worrying about data management.

Secure cloud platform

Organize and analyze any type of data

CloudBio’s data analysis platform supports any type of data from any type instrument platform. Our flexible data storage and management architecture enables handling of data from various technologies (real-time PCR, immuno assays, microarray, etc.) and in various formats (text or binary).

Moreover, adding and organizing data is extremely easy. You can manually upload data or have your instrument e-mail data straight to your workspace as soon as a run is complete. Data is oraganized into projects and experiments making it easy to analyze data and share with your collaborators.

Collaborate with anyone anywhere

CloudBio platform is built from ground up to make collaboration seamless and easy. We realize that successful research requires successful collaboration; whether it is with your lab mates or with researchers across the globe.

With CloudBio, collaboration with other researchers is a matter of a few mouse clicks. You can share your projects and lab notes with any number of people with read-only or read-write access rights. You can even make your data available to the entire CloudBio community, if you choose to do so. The platform enables you to harness the power of community to advance your research.


Add your own custom applications

Rather than transforming your data to fit into existing software programs, CloudBio can help you build custom web applications that meed your data analysis needs and get to insights faster.

CloudBio platform is built with data management and graphing libraries to support Life Sciences data analysis needs. 50-70% of the time it takes to develop an applicaiton goes towards repetitive activities such as file handling, data storage, data management, standard user interface, etc. Since CloudBio provides a proven and tested application framework, custom applications is extremely fast and cost effectively. Time it takes to add entirely new applications can be as fast as 3 days!

Analyze visualize data using R scripts

CloudBio provides you the power to extend analysis and visualization capabilities of the platform by adding existing R scripts or by creating new scripts. R scripts you incorporate process the data within your experiments giving you the ultimate flexibility to perform any type of analysis and visualization right within an easy to use interface.

Scripts you add can be private, shared among your colleagues, or public for use by for anyone in the community.

Add R scripts

Create and organize your lab notes

Learning how to use traditional electronic lab notebook software is time consuming. Usage on a daily basis is cumbersome. Not to mention the high costs associated with getting a system up and running. CloudBio offers a very simple solution for creating and organizing lab notes. Create notes with text, images, tables and attachments, and share instantly with your collaborators. You can tag your notes for easy search and retrieval later.