About Us

LexaCloud is a technology start up based in San Fancisco bay area. We're revolutionizing the way data management and analysis applicaitons are developed and delivered using cloud technologies. Our goal is to make application development and deployment fast and painless for our customers and to make data access and analysis really easy and enjoyable for our end users. Our cloud application platform is designed to provide a better user experience and to make development of collaborative web-based and mobile applications faster and cheaper.

We started by developing cloud-based applications and technologies for Life Sciences researchers with the goal of enabling rapid deployment of new cloud-based aplications and converison of existing desktop applications to the web. Since then we have evolved our technology platform into a more generic data analysis platform capable of supporting any type of data.

Our services include design, development, deployment and management cloud applications for data management and analysis. To help our customers make a smooth transition to cloud-based technologies and new software business models, we provide flexible engagement models and payment plans. We can provide services for a fixed fee or work with you on a revenue sharing basis or a combination of both.